The security landscape is characterised by increasing multi-technique, multi-wave threats that are costing businesses greatly – both financially in terms of remediation, penalties and lost productivity, as well as in reputational damage.

Cybersecurity Services

Smart Hands Africa provides end-to-end cybersecurity services for the operational technology (OT) and IT environments to monitor, assess and defend their customers’ information assets. The company partners with leading, global security specialists at the highest tier to deliver security at scale.
  • NIntuitive threat hunting solutions
  • NAdvanced managed security services and assessments
  • NSecurity Operations Centre

Intuitive threat hunting for the entire endpoint estate

Financially motivated cyber criminals breach company networks, possibly residing undiscovered in the network for months. Smart Hands Africa delivers automated, real-time, proactive threat hunting solutions that equip businesses to easily hunt for threats at scale.

  • NNext-generation antivirus and superior endpoint prevention: Multi-layer prevention instantly blocks sophisticated malware as well as file-less, and even master-boot-record based ransomware that stops the threat before files can be encrypted.
  • NEndpoint detection and response (EDR): Automated threat detection and high-fidelity alerts mitigate security threats and prevent any harm. An advanced remediation toolbox expedites responses to any incident, no matter what the cause, and provides a complete investigation of the incident.
  • NUnified view of malicious operations: The full attack scope is automatically correlated into a single threat package or malicious operation. This provides a unified view of the triggering event, the detection category, the root cause, affected endpoints, related processes, and connections between endpoints.
  • NVirtual firewall: The service uses next generation security, cloud and software-defined technologies. In addition to securing the network and systems, virtual firewall enhances business productivity and the user experience by shaping and prioritising application signatures based on customised business policies.
  • NArtificial intelligence and machine learning: The EDR solution uses advanced behavioural analysis and machine learning techniques to recognise relationships between multiple events, determining whether they are part of a single attack.
  • NEndpoint security analytics: Businesses that integrate threat hunting into the security function's overall workflow can establish a cybersecurity vantage point to challenges like audits, insider threats and validating indicator of compromise (IOCs).

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