Payroll and HR Solutions

Payroll and HR Solutions

At Smart Hands Africa our Payroll and HR Software services provide a solution that simplifies and takes care of your company’s payroll processing and procedures and any other Human Resources related matter such as talent management and/or benefits. This way you and your people can focus on the work you do best and will help save time and money instead of having to worry about any HR-related matters.

As a company, it’s imperative to pay your people accurately and on time, every time. But with so many important and intricate facets of running a business to focus on each day, how can you ensure compensation remains a priority? The answer is with our payroll and HR software which incorporates the following features:


    1. Time Management

    It minimized the time-consuming administrative task.

    2. Automation of Processes

    It helps to automate & consolidated key processes and data to improve productivity that will automatically improve efficiency. Process-driven modules follow a systematic HR process.


    3. Streamlined Workflow

    Our system streamlines all global HR processes & their obtained data. That generates efficiency in workflow. It runs complex pay roll processes efficiently. Managers can access employee records, conduct their employee performance reviews and print reports.


    4. Authorized End User Access

    It provides roll base access to end users that it automatically enhances the security levels. Give managers and employees access to real-time data simultaneously from a range of different locations. Manage jobs and positions with the Job Management module – capture all information relating to a specific job. Manage employee profiles and all transactions – from disciplinary actions to experience and development path, medical history, etc. Manage Employment Equity and monitor your employment equity targets and goals in relation to actual staff. Print Labour Department-sanctioned reports. Manage Learning and Skills Development by defining the critical skills required and monitoring development plans and interventions. Manage employee performance – from defining agreements to conducting performance reviews and updating performance plans.


    5. Minimized Risk Level

    Ensure compliance and mitigate risks level in Workflow procedures.

    6. User Friendly

    It reduces training time because of its user-friendly screens. Always-available, easy-to-use electronic employee files, to which you can attach documents. Robust reporting interface – email reports directly from the application.

    Additional features include:

    A boundless system with unlimited companies, hierarchies, employees, pay period configurations and runs; unlimited definitions for earning, deduction, company contribution, fringe benefit and provision

    Regular updates of the latest statutory legislation to ensure consistent compliance, net-up calculations of wages and salaries, net pay-splits between bank accounts, Recall at any time the full history of each period, which are stored separately, Draw single company or multiple company consolidated reports, Precise security up to field level; user authentication with MS Active Directory and System actions recorded to ensure accurate auditing.

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    • Consolidate multiple payslips per pay period for a single printable payslip
    • Automatically calculate pro-rata earnings and deductions based on start and termination dates
    • Minimum net pay feature
    • Flag payslip lines to show effects on OID and/or BCEA

    Employee management:

    • Create multiple records for a single employee
    • Create new employees (or terminate old ones) with built-in checklists
    • Use the Transfer Wizard to easily move employees between companies, policies

    Content management:

    • Attach employee and company documents to any records in the system
    • All uploaded documents are stored in the database to ensure they are secure and backed up

    Company management:

    • Create unlimited companies per database
    • Define multiple payment cycles per company
    • View pay periods two years in advance

    Remuneration structures:

    • Create default payslip structures for individuals and employee groups with similar payslip setups

    Leave management:

    • Manage advance leave
    • Customise the leave function to match your company’s policies
    • Automatically monitor sick leave rule
    • Line managers can have access to all leave management reports, via ESS

    Powerful, flexible calculations:

    • Expression Builder allows you to define formulas and sliding scales for any earning structure

    Management reporting:

    • Style, print and export reports, for distribution
    • Customise reports for limitless table and chart layouts
    • Export reports to MS Excel, or send as email attachments


    • All system activities are recorded for detailed reporting – what the changes entail, who made them, and old vs new values


    • Has maximum security and control based on best practice protocols
    • Assign multiple security configurations to multiple users – define who views which data
    • Define security on navigation level, apply password policies, and integrate them with MS Active Directory for single login efficiency
    • Full security audit trail on the system


    Our software has opened new ways of progress for organizations all over the world. Our system permits you to efficiently and accurately pay everyone in your entire workforce—no matter their current locations.

    Our system offers you more proficient ways to switch all of your employee-related activities. All well-known organizations are adopting this advanced software & adding more profit.

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