Enterprise  Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Smart Hands Africa automates your back-office functions, helping businesses to make a difference in their operations by:

  • NManaging their resources
  • NImprove their productivity
  • NReduce their operational costs
  • NEliminate waste and duplication
  • NGive the relevant people access to critical information

Business Value

Our expertise enables informed business management and growth through solutions that automate; integrate; and monitor and control business processes:

  • NIntegrated and automated business operations and processes that support business growth
  • NEnhanced customer experience
  • NImproved process, time and cost efficiencies
  • NIncreased visibility of business activities
  • NOne central database with no duplication of data
  • NA single version of the truth
  • NSecure, mobile access to the right information
  • NRapid return on investment
  • NTighter control of operating costs
  • NReduced people, process and technology risks to acceptable levels at predictable costs
  • NInformed business management and improved control using consistent, consolidated reporting across various platforms

Why Do Companies Choose the Cloud?

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